How can we have space movies without Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? It came out with Battlestar Galactica but ran for more seasons. My space collection feels incomplete without it. The Dvd's are great.

Also would like to see:

The Munsters season 1, 2
Leave it to Beaver
Simon & Simon
Magnum PI

Beyond that I'd like:

Neverland (tv mini series)
Dinotopia (mini series)
Superboy first season only live action.
Justice League Animated Series
Muppet Family Christmas (Best Muppet Christmas tv show ever!!!!!! when they went to visit Fozzie's relative, includes sesame st, Fraggles, and Jim Henson himself.)
The Dark Knight (Ivanhoe series)
Flash Gordon from 2007-2008 great series.

There are many other great titles feel free to add your missing TV series you wish Vudu would add.