I wanted to use Vudu, but my Roku will not work with Vudu. For that reason, I've decided not to upgrade
to the next Roku but look for alternatives (BECAUSE THE FOUR DARNED BOXES THAT I BOUGHT BECAME OBSOLETE IN LESS THAN TWO YEARS AND ROKU DID NOT EVEN OFFER ANY UPGRADE INCENTIVES). I love telling that part of my streaming story. And before some Roku employee "educates me" about the realities of the market, I would say this - "Roku engineers and executives would have known the XD was not going to be viable for very long two years ago, but they were happy to sell them to me." But anyway, that's life and they don't want to keep me as a customer so I'm looking for alternatives for the content I cannot get on MY beloved discontinued roku boxes.
If I hook my pc to the tv via hdmi, should I be able to get "good" 1080p ? Or is reality more like 480 / 720 ?
My laptop is i3-2310M 2.10mhz 4gb 64 bit windows 7.
I'm really trying to find some reasonably inexpensive, but quality solution to let me play internet movies and videos to my tv. But I wanted to know if I really do need htpc type hardware for that or if a regular $300 laptop will do. I am planning to get some small wireless remote keyboard/mouse combo like other folks do with htpc's. I can live with the keyboard idea and having to surf for movies, but I at least want the movies to play well.
Suggestions? I realize this might not be the forum or even the site for the hardware question, but at least someone should be able to tell me what the quality of vudu movies are off their laptop.
Thanks for any advice...