So a while back I purchased the movie Kick-*** 2 Blu-ray from Wal-Mart which came with a vudu code for an exclusive 30 minutes of content. I finally tried to redeem the code and it shows up as invalid.

I contacted Universal support but they can't reissue a vudu code from the response I got.

I have already tried multiple web browsers and all possible redemptions urls, all state 'Invalid.' The code doesn't expire until 12/31/14.

I contacted vudu support via email but the response I got was not very helpful - I stated I bought the Blu-ray, that the code won't redeem, and even included a picture of the movie, the code, and the receipt.

Support thought I was redeeming a movie even though I stated it was bonus content, and asked me if I bought a Blu-ray or DVD and if I could send a picture of the code.... which struck me as odd since I already included all that information in my initial inquiry.

So I know I can go back and forth with support for a few more days, but after going back and forth with Universal support for a week I was hoping to avoid that.

In the same email I also requested 4 free tv episodes be removed from my account, and the reply from vudu support was to contact vudu support with the titles I wanted removed. Except I already did that too.

So I seemed to get a circular answer to both my questions... and I'm not sure if anyone actually read my email.

So I was hoping maybe I could ask for help here! The incident/reference # is 140819-000076 which includes my original query and picture of the vudu code that won't redeem, front and back, as well as the 4 tv episodes I was requesting be removed from my account.

Thank you so much!