I own a Samsung Series 6 4K television that is listed as being fully compatible with Vudu's 4k+HDR movies. However, I am running into problem on the app that is on the television.

First, it will not allow me to purchase 4k versions of movies through the smart TV app. I have to log into my account on my desktop to purchase a 4k movie. I can purchase an HDX or STD version of the movie.

Second, and more importantly, I cannot watch 4k versions of the movie on my 4k television. I have more than enough Internet speed (100 megabits) do watch a couple 4k movies (and a router to support such activity). However, the app only gives me the option to watch either STD or HDX versions of movies even when I own the 4k version. I cannot even set the app to default to the 4k version as the option does not exist.

I would really like to watch movies in 4k. It is why I bought the TV (and I can watch 4k from other providers). The app is set to auto-update so I am assuming it is fully updated. Does anyone know why I don't get the option to watch 4k movies?