Just signed up, bought a video (agent's of shield season 3 episode 1) and downloaded the VUDU to go app!

I've downloaded the video in both HD and HDX, and am testing with both.

The video plays fine, but about every 4 seconds (it's very consistent, just can't give you an exact time to the millisecond) the video chops, three times. So, over that 5th second, I only see about 3 frames of video. It's not just the video, however, my whole computer stutters, including my mouse cursor.

I have a clean machine, and I've closed almost all other applications. This is a desktop machine, with an i5-3450k CPU running at 3.9ghz. I've disabled car parking, so they're running at that speed all the time. While the video is playing, my CPU utilization on any core never exceeds 20%. My GPU utilization is in the single digits, my memory utilization is under 50%, but it still chops every 4 seconds or so, making things un-watchable.

Using the streaming on the web-site, the situation is even worse, with about one second of smooth play, then the stutter, then another second of smooth play. Again, my whole computer stutters during this, not just the video.

This is a high-performance gaming machine, and I have no problems with any other video streaming or playing, including 4k streaming with youtube and 1080p on netflix.