For the 4K Upgrade:

Pretty much my entire Vudu library is from Blu-Rays I purchased with also came with a digital code. This has led to some of my collections being a mix of 1080p and 4K versions in a series. If I purchased a 4K Blu-Ray of a movie I already own on Vudu, and it had a code, would I be able to "upgrade" my 1080p digital Vudu versions to 4K? Or would me already owning the movie cause issues with that? Most of the ones I want to upgrade are owned by Disney and they are pretty stingy so I highly doubt there will be any offers or free upgrades to 4K for 1080p owners like many other studios did, can't even "convert" my disk to digital if Disney owns it.

And about the app:

I would like to download some of my favorites so I can watch them without needing data or when I don't have a connection, but I have a few questions about this:

Is there any kind of limit to how many you can have downloaded at once?

Does the app tell you before you download it how much space a movie will take?

Can you choose where to have them downloaded? My phone has a fairly large MicroSD card in it and I would prefer to download them to that rather than waste internal memory.

Once a movie is downloaded, does the DRM need to be re-activated or refreshed or whatever every so often? And if so, does the app do that automatically or do I have to manually "refresh" them?

Can you Chromecast your downloaded movies so that it only would use your LAN connection and not stream them? Or can you only stream them?