I have been trying to reset my 'vudu.com' password for the last several hours.

I try to enter the username and password (as I know them) on the MyLogin webpage: <https://www.vudu.com/content/MyLogin.html>.

I receive a response that says: "Login Failed" - I'm not entirely sure whether its failing on the password or the username.

I click "Forgot your Vudu password?"

I am asked to enter my email. I enter the email address that I used for my Vudu account (I use a password manager application, so I'm sure I'm entering the email correctly). My email address is an email address that I created specifically for the Vudu.com website/service, and it's a domain that I own/manage through a webhosting service (yes the domain has proper DNS routing configured to receive email). The email address is a valid/common top level domain (.net) that I've been using for email since 2002.

I click on the 'Submit' button and I'm presented with the following message: "We have sent password reset instructions to your email address. If you do not receive the instructions, check your spam and junk mail filters."

The reset email is not received. I have tried this multiple times, and the email never arrives.

I have done the following things to make sure that the email should get through:
1 - Send a test email From: <sample@sample.com> To: <myvuduemail@sample.net> (these are not actual email addresses) to test deliverability. I send the email from a common email carrier to my Vudu specific email address as a test. The test email is delivered in less than five seconds.
2 - I check the message deliverability logs on the Halon email filtering service (before it's forwarded to my hosting provider). There are no indications that any inbound email (for the Vudu.com specific email address) was received, filtered, held, quarantined, rejected, etc. The Halon email filtering service allows me to see all actions performed on inbound and outbound email to my hosted domains.
3 - I whitelisted the email address: <email@email.vudu.com> with the Halon filtering service. Just in case.
4 - I set up a 'whitelist' for @email.vudu.com on the Apache SpamAssassin filtering that my hosting provider offers through cPanel. Just in case.

I never see any inbound messages (in the Halon logs) to the email address that I specially configured for use with my vudu.com account.

I never see any inbound messages (in the cPanel 'Track Delivery' function/area) to the email address that I specially configured for use with my vudu.com account.

I can only conclude that Vudu is NOT sending me a password reset email.

Why not? How can I reset my password?