Not sure if this is the place where we can discuss improvements to the Vudu interface, but here is what I would love to see on any of the interfaces, especially on the Roku: Currently the Vudu interface on the Roku 3 displays my movie titles like other services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, where you get one row of recommended movies, one row of all movies, etc. I love the layout of "My Movies" on the Vudu website, where I can see 4 rows and 6 columns of my movies. Thus, if I am browsing through all of my movies trying to find something to watch, I can see 24 movies at a time and not scroll through 1 row of 6 movies at a time. That was one of the reasons I loved Windows Media Center. You could see so many of your movies titles at one time. I am not asking to replace what the Vudu app currently has, as I am sure many of the users prefer that. I am just asking if there can be an option to click on a tab or button for "My Movies" on the Roku3 or the LG TV's and be able to see a screen full of movies or TV shows.

Anybody with me? :-)