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UV service shutting down July 31

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    UV service shutting down July 31

    Statement in the article from Vudu says nothing will change, but I can?t see how that would be the case. What about MA movies that were synced from UV through Vudu?

    Edit: UV has updated their FAQ with some details.

    Relevant is:

    How can I access my existing movies and TV shows after UltraViolet shuts down?

    In most cases, your movies and TV shows will be available via the retailers linked to your UltraViolet Library at the time of UltraViolet shutdown. Linking to additional retailers can maximize your access to your Library and help avoid potential disruption. Visit for a list of retailers.
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    Hopefully Vudu will work with the studios to come up with a new family sharing system on here or else it will really suck.


      Knew this was coming but doesn't make it any easier.


        Vudu, the biggest retailer associated with Ultraviolet, was quick to assure its customers that they didn't have to fear losing their movie collections when the cloud locker service closes.

        "Customers who use Vudu to watch, rent, or buy movies and TV shows will not be impacted by the discontinuation of the Ultraviolet platform," said Vudu vice president Scott Blanksteen. "These customers will continue to be able to enjoy Vudu content as they have been and continue to access any and all movies and TV shows they have saved in their Vudu library, even after the shutdown of the Ultraviolet service."


        So, obviously anything with UV rights that was purchased directly through Vudu won't go away, but if I understand this correctly, when UV shuts down for good, the few UV titles that I redeemed at places other than Vudu won't disappear from my Vudu account? They're going to permanently keep everything in there? There's a few titles from way back that wouldn't redeem with Vudu, and I'd hate to have to rebuy them. I forget what they all are offhand, but there's a few things that temporarily disappear from my collection whenever there's been one of those UV connection isses where you have to unlink/relink.


          I really hope all of our UV purchases stay there and do not go away. Not everything I own was purchased here at Vudu.


            Like the person above said?what about things that were imported from uv from now defunct services. Are the remaining UV services like Vudu and FandangoNow going to import these permanently like purchases? I have some Sony stuff that isn?t marked as uv on vudu but only Fandango so they never got switched over to MA. And I have some tv shows in various linked vudu accounts?will they all get a copy? There are also some UHD titles that vudu doesn?t offer in UHD yet, so will they keep track of that license? It would be nice if they had a way to also connect uv directly to MA to import data that hadn?t been converted yet.


              What about titles we have in UV in higher resolution than VUDU offers?


                Yeah...I was coming here to warn everyone as well. I wonder if I can download all 1700 movies, I know I probably won't do that. I guess we're up Schitt's Creek without a paddle on this one. I'm sure all the phone reps are busy giving out the recently received 'canned' answer. I've felt this was coming one day, because movies have been disappearing from my VUDU/Ultraviolet account for years now, mostly after MA got involved.

                Well, I'm not going to worry. I'm sure in the end the consumers always lose because the needs of the business will prevail, With all the licensing issues going on these day, there will be some casualties (expired licenses, D2D movies, People who have more than one account, since they no longer merge accounts, etc.). I once tried merging my wife's and my account via ULTRAVIOLET, not VUDU. They used go do this a long time ago, most of the movies made it and some didn't. I've since repurchased all the missing movies, except for 'The Invisible Boy (co-starring Robbie the Robot) which I couldn't find available for purchase.

                Maybe VUDU will buy out UV and get it's own "digital locker," finally, or maybe I better go stock up on some Vaseline,


                  Originally posted by Cybertooth View Post
                  Maybe VUDU will buy out UV and get it's own "digital locker," finally, or maybe I better go stock up on some Vaseline,
                  "Customers who use Vudu to watch, rent, or buy movies and TV shows will not be impacted by the discontinuation of the Ultraviolet platform," said Vudu vice president Scott Blanksteen.

                  All I know is that my account & my 2 kids' & 1 friend's linked accounts better all retain their UV titles.

                  "Ultraviolet currently has more than 30 million users, who collectively store more than 300 million movies and TV shows in their cloud libraries."

                  If not, that is a huge number of people with a huge amount of money spent to be involved in a class-action suit.


                    "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together ? mass hysteria."


                      Legally you own a UV then you own the license to it. They legally cannot steal that from which is why LINKING your UV account to everything possible is important.

                      Picture this as more of divorce where one person gives the rest of his family one copy of everything.

                      All linked accounts (MA, Visual, Fandango, iTunes, Google Play, etc) will get all the movies that you had via UV and you will own them on all LINKED (important) accounts.

                      The great sadness is that it is more important, now, where you pick to buy your movies.
                      Currently MA links to others for instance. .. But eventually all the LINKED accounts I listed above in my parentheses will become their own stand alone entity.

                      This mean you should be smart where you buy your movies or register codes, unless you don't mind using 2-6 services when you watch movies.

                      I have been Vudu loyal all along so it has less impact.impact.


                        How will this effect the Disc to Digital service? Will that continue?


                          I will most certainly be impacted unless all the Sony movies I have in UHD in my UV locker are made available as UHD on Vudu.


                   the website shutting down? What site will Vudu ping in order to verify our UV libraries? It says that what we have as UV will still be accessible through Vudu, so it sounds like they will still be able to "see" your library, and thus when an UHD title becomes available on Vudu and they see it in your uv library, it should update your Vudu library...correct?? Or are we just screwed? I want my UHD Sony titles out of my UV library and accessible on MA....


                              Official Word:
                              Be sure to click on the tiny "help" at the bottom for shutdown FAQ's

                              And of course nothing official from Vudu, that is comforting.