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    I am missing 9 movies from Movies Anywhere that I curently own UV licenses for and which show up at VUDU. They are:

    8 Mile (2002)
    Another Earth (2011)
    CJ7 (2008)
    Cyrus (2010)
    Love Actually (2003)
    My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)
    Sea of Love (1989)
    Wag The Dog (1998)
    Westworld (1973)

    However, these 9 movies had duplicate UV licenses, which evidently UV started deleting back in May 2019 as part of some cleanup.
    These "deletions" sent "REFUNDS" from UV to VUDU. VUDU, without verifying that I still owned the movie even so, passed those refunds to MA.

    Here's the history of one such title, WAG THE DOG

    I LINK VUDU TO MA IN MID-OCTOBER 2017 (like many of us did)

    10-15-2017 -- VUDU sends RECORD to MA, with a license date of 01-01-1970 (RECORD #1).
    This 01-01-1970 UV license date is wrong. All VUDU records sent to MA were dated 01-01-1970 at first. They failed to pass along the actual UV license date.

    11-09-2017 -- VUDU sends REFUND to MA (to delete the record with the 01-01-1970 license date problem). (REFUND #1)

    11-09-2017 -- VUDU sends "new" RECORD to MA, which now shows proper UV license date of 01-15-2014. (RECORD #2)

    Here's the weird bit and the issue. UV, as part of its July 31, 2019 shutting down process, begins deleting duplicate licenses from client lockers in May 22 and 23, 2019.

    I had two licenses for this title, so UV deleted one (you only "need" one, right?). The title still shows as VUDU tho - because ... I still have one good UV license. However ... VUDU passes along this second UV "refund" (from the deleted duplicate license) to MA.

    05-23-2019 -- VUDU sends "new" REFUND to MA. (REFUND #2)

    MA deletes the title because it now sees TWO RECORDS, and TWO REFUNDS from VUDU. It thinks I don't own that title anymore. MA has no way to understand that the deletion of a duplicate UV license leaves a perfectly good UV license behind. It only sees one movie coming to it from VUDU. When it see's the new "refund" ... it says "bye-bye movie"


    I only lost 9 movie at MA. This has caused some to lose hundreds of movies at MA (there is a whole thread about it). A good friend is missing 160 titles at MA and also has 50 downgrades from HD to SD at MA because of this.

    Same issues here. I never disconnected my UV account or MA at all.


      Rex Strother. Thanks for being the voice on this issue. And spelling it out for those higher up?s to see this issue that is being caused by VUDU issuing these incorrect refunds.

      I too have a few a few friends in the same boat missing movies. We have talked about how to go about getting this fixed so I?m glad you posted this.

      Please vudu support help us get these back.


        Yes..Im having the same issue. I too have not unlinked my UV account since last year there are movies missing and downgrading from my Movies Anywhere account.


          As mentioned in a previous post on this issue! I have also had the same issue! I haven't unlinked my accounts for at least 6mths but I have upgraded a lot of my original SD purchases to HDX and then a handful to UHD when I could afford too. This has resulted in a number of UV licenses for the same movie.


            I have a couple hundred movies missing in MA.


              I am also missing a couple hundred titles in MA due to this


                Yeah, I had a bunch of titles disappear from my UV locker/Vudu a few months ago and had to contact to get them back, but they never went back into my Movies Anywhere account. It would be great if you guys could somehow resync the accounts so everything pushes through again.


                  Clearly - no one anticipated the issue of multiple licenses for a single title. Which many UV titles had due to multiple sources - free movie at sign-up deals (Target Ticket, VUDU, many others did this). Also - new license for new higher resolution.


                    I've upgraded to HD from standard definition, then from HD to 4K UHD. UV went and deleted the SD, HD ones that I had owned, and left the 4K UHD rights in my UV locker. However MoviesAnywhere shows these as being all removed as "refunded".

                    I've also had HD titles were I had from Flixster video, Target Ticket and VUUD UV rights, UV went and deleted the oldest rights, leaving the newest. These as well show all being refund to MoviesAnywhere, even though the title is still there in VUDU. I'm missing about 130 movies, some were downgraded from 4K to SD/HD since a SD/HD UV right was deleted even though the 4K UV rights are still there AND still there on VUDU.

                    I'VE NEVER DISCONNECTED MY ULTRAVIOLET ACCOUNT or even the MoviesAnywhere account for that matter since UV announced it was shutting down, that rumor has to stop. That is not what's causing the issue for everyone/anyone. The support team over at MoviesAnywhere is aware of the issue and is waiting on VUDU / Ultraviolet to act to fix this issue since it shows on their end that the titles were all "refunded" and removed even though a version on the movie is still there on VUDU.

                    Can someone from Vudu please look into this and stop trying to point fingers saying "we told you so" and work on getting this fixed ASAP since Ultraviolet is shutting down next month. VUDUis favorite streaming service and lately it's been hard to love Vudu with all the issues not being fixed and the deadline is closing.

                    There has to be some reset bottom VUDU can push to refresh everyone's MA rights.


                      Where are you able to see if a movie has been removed (or "refunded") from your MA library?


                        This better get fixed or i want a refund on all my movies i have purchased, 4000 movies, and replaced with hard media, we are all missing movies over this, nothing is being done about it, and we are losing uv and will only have ma!


                          Originally posted by dunham44 View Post
                          This better get fixed or i want a refund on all my movies i have purchased, 4000 movies, and replaced with hard media, we are all missing movies over this, nothing is being done about it, and we are losing uv and will only have ma!

                          I just tracked back approximately 350 movies that were all removed OR downgraded for whatever reason on 4/6/19 at Movies Anywhere. The vast majority completely lost their MA rights. This includes fairly new movies such as Baby Driver 4K and Spiderman: Homecoming 4K which are now completely gone from my MA library. My A Few Good Men 4K UV rights are now HD-only at MA as well.

                          It should be noted that a great many (I believe the majority) of these films only had one set of rights in my UV library, so UV wouldn't have had any duplicate rights to "clean up" / delete in most instances (Baby Driver 4K and SM: H 4K are two such examples). I'm not sure what would explain their removal at MA then, which is the scariest thing about it. It seems rather random, although I will say the deletions seem to be made up of a large number of Sony titles.

                          All ~350 films still show up as owned in the correct quality at VUDU. They are all tagged as Movies Anywhere AND Ultraviolet at VUDU as well, despite most no longer showing ownership at MA. It is a scary feeling knowing that retailers like VUDU and Ultraviolet are treating our libraries so carelessly that MA rights are being deleted by them so easily - whether it was intended or not.

                          I'm calling MA about this situation tomorrow. I am fairly certain VUDU is to blame in some way. Lord knows their constant / continued silence regarding this problem each and every time it is brought up on this forum says a lot. I think they know they have some degree of culpability in the situation.

                          If things don't end up being fixed I'm done purchasing from VUDU as well, and that will be at the very least. They rarely give satisfactory / quick customer service anymore. Their response to this issue has just been more of the same - abject silence with regard to a problem that seems to be affecting a great many (all?) of their customers.

                          By the way, in case anyone was wondering, I did not unlink my UV library from VUDU at any point since early March when VUDU began telling everyone not to do so moving forward. The blame here rests squarely upon VUDU, UV, and / or MA. All three of them need to suck up their pride, own this thing, and work together to get everyone's MA rights corrected before the time comes when it is too late to do so.


                            I have about 70-80 titles that were redeemed through UltraViolet in my Vudu library right now, and they aren't porting to Movies Anywhere. At one point they did port to my Movies Anywhere library, but they're missing now. These are mostly movies released by Sony and Warner Bros.

                            The following is a list of the movies I'm missing from my Movies Anywhere library, which successfully ported over at one time. This is the transaction history log from my Movies Anywhere account:
                            Transaction History from Movies Anywhere
                            Movie Title Video Quality Date Redeemed
                            300: Rise of an Empire Vudu ? HD 4/22/2019
                            Apollo 13 Vudu ? HD 2/16/2019
                            Atomic Blonde Vudu ? 4K 2/17/2019
                            Batman Begins Vudu ? HD 3/8/2019
                            Batman Begins Vudu ? 4K 4/9/2019
                            Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Vudu ? HD 3/27/2019
                            Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) Vudu ? HD 3/27/2019
                            Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: part1 & part2 (Deluxe Edition) Vudu ? HD 3/6/2019
                            Batman: The Killing Joke Vudu ? HD 3/6/2019
                            Blade Runner 2049 Vudu ? 4K 2/28/2019
                            Crazy Rich Asians Vudu ? HD 3/23/2019
                            DCU: Batman and Harley Quinn Vudu ? HD 3/7/2019
                            Entourage Vudu ? HD 3/27/2019
                            Fury Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Ghostbusters Vudu ? HD 3/18/2019
                            Ghostbusters II Vudu ? HD 3/18/2019
                            Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Vudu ? 4K 3/8/2019
                            Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Vudu ? 4K 3/8/2019
                            Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Vudu ? 4K 3/8/2019
                            Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Vudu ? 4K 3/8/2019
                            Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Vudu ? 4K 3/8/2019
                            Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Vudu ? 4K 3/8/2019
                            Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Vudu ? 4K 3/8/2019
                            Jason Bourne Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Vudu ? 4K 3/27/2019
                            Justice League Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Kong: Skull Island Vudu ? 4K 4/9/2019
                            Lucy Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Man of Steel Vudu ? HD 3/27/2019
                            Oblivion Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Pacific Rim Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Ready Player One Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Searching Vudu ? HD 3/24/2019
                            Serenity Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Sicario: Day of the Soldado Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Spider-Man (2002) Vudu ? 4K 2/17/2019
                            Spider-Man 2 Vudu ? 4K 2/17/2019
                            Spider-Man 3 Vudu ? 4K 2/17/2019
                            Spider-Man: Homecoming Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Suicide Squad Vudu ? HD 3/27/2019
                            Suicide Squad: Extended Cut Vudu ? HD 3/27/2019
                            The Amazing Spider-Man Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Bourne Identity Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Bourne Legacy Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Bourne Supremacy Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Bourne Ultimatum Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Dark Knight Vudu ? HD 3/8/2019
                            The Dark Knight Vudu ? 4K 4/9/2019
                            The Dark Knight Rises Vudu ? HD 3/8/2019
                            The Dark Knight Rises Vudu ? 4K 4/9/2019
                            The Equalizer 2 Vudu ? 4K 3/24/2019
                            The Fate of the Furious Vudu ? 4K 2/28/2019
                            The Fate of the Furious - Extended Director?s Cut Vudu ? 4K 2/28/2019
                            The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition) Vudu ? HD 4/19/2019
                            The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Extended Edition) Vudu ? HD 4/19/2019
                            The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Extended Edition) Vudu ? HD 4/19/2019
                            The Incredible Hulk Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Matrix Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Matrix Reloaded Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Matrix Revolutions Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            The Shining Vudu ? HD 3/30/2019
                            The Town Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Underworld (Unrated) [2003] Vudu ? HD 4/13/2019
                            Underworld Awakening Vudu ? HD 4/13/2019
                            Underworld Evolution Vudu ? HD 4/13/2019
                            Underworld: Blood Wars Vudu ? HD 4/13/2019
                            Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Vudu ? HD 4/13/2019
                            Unforgiven Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            Venom Vudu ? 4K 3/12/2019
                            Wonder Woman Vudu ? 4K 2/16/2019
                            X-Men: Apocalypse Vudu ? HD 3/11/2019
                            Zombieland Vudu ? HD 4/6/2019


                              I don't believe it was ever allowed to redeem movie codes directly on Ultraviolet. Instead, UV would redirect you to one of the UV retailers.

                              277 UHD
                              808 HDX
                              3 SD