Just a heads up in case anyone is interested, the 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray version of Overlord is on sale over at Walmart for $8.96 with free in-store pick up and it includes Instawatch copy in UHD.

I was a bit surprised since Instawatch is usually limited to HDX but not in this case. I received my UHD Instawatch copy within 5 minutes of making purchase. You can also buy Disc + Digital here at Vudu for same price but then you have to pay for shipping.

For anyone interested here is the link: walmart.com/ip/Overlord-4K-Ultra-HD-Blu-ray/926560515

They've also got Bumblebee on sale for $9.96: walmart.com/ip/Bumblebee-4K-Ultra-HD-Blu-ray/912030337