It appears that Vudu and Walmart are no longer matching prices. For the longest time Amazon was, and still is cheaper on Blu-ray. Whenever Amazon lowered their price, Walmart (website) would lower to match Amazon and Vudu would always match Walmart.Com. But this hasn't been happening for sometime so instead of buying D+D on Vudu 2-3 weeks early I've just been pre-ordering on Amazon which also has the added benefit if the price drops at all, even temporarily, between the time you preorder and the time it ships they credit you for the difference.


Gemini Man
Amazon 4K disc $27.99 for at least a month now
Vudu D+D and 4K disc $32.51 since early release digital at least.

$4.52 more

And I this isn't the only title.

Typically I spend a few hundred each month with Vudu, but not lately.

Vudu please correct your D+D pricing to match Amazon. Obviously this is an issue you?ll need to work with WM as your systems are tied but please but forth the effort and I'll start buying again.