Bloodshot went up for D+D so I figured it would be IW on WM as well.

Add another title or any other product to get to a $35 order and you avoid the $5.99 WM shipping fee.

  1. Bloodshot 4K disc DOES provide Vudu digital as it is IW as confirmed at checkout.
  2. HOWEVER, the 4K disc only gives HDX quality on Vudu. Unlike Sonic and Bad Boys For Life which give 4K vudu for 4k disc on WM.
  3. Unknown if Bloodshot BD gives IW digital but I expect it would, and in HDX quality. Unconfirmed. But they do tell you if it is IW at checkout. I think only after you confirm though. But you can cancel afterwards if not IW. And if it doesn't cancel as happens often with disc pre-orders, WM offers free returns so not a big deal. Just a little hassle. Worth it to avoid $5.99 shipping otherwise.