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TV Series improvements - Skip Intro, Next Episode Button, and Auto-Play Options

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    TV Series improvements - Skip Intro, Next Episode Button, and Auto-Play Options

    I own a few series on Vudu, but I'm certain I'll be utilizing it more once The Office is removed from Netflix.

    I see, "Auto-Play" is a feature. Not sure how long that's been working. But I notice there is no options. Not that I can find, to enable/disable auto-play.

    1a. Add auto-play options to enable and disable. (Sometimes I fall asleep to shows, so I'd prefer to just play one, and not have it run endlessly)
    1b. Enable auto-play when credits begin.
    2. Skip Into. Another feature to make watching series more user friendly.
    3. Add play next and previous episode button, for those episodes we want to skip. Like Scott's Tots.. i.e. |<< >>|

    Only if all of that is OPTIONAL and configurable through user settings. Netflix's "Skip Intro" has horrible implementation that other services have sadly copied. It's fine to have the option to skip intros and hit the Enter button to do so, but the "SKIP INTRO" indicator should NEVER appear onscreen when you actually do want to watch it! I usually watch shows complete and it's simply annoying to have that pop up- I won't pay for any service that does this. Since shows purchased on Vudu are supposed to be the same as purchased discs, I expect that I will always be able to view them complete with no intrusions. If I see a "SKIP INTRO" popping up onscreen with no way to disable it, I will ask for my money back on all purchases affected by it.

    That said, Vudu has had "chapters" for a while but they seem to just divide the show/movie into equal segments- they could easily chapter these just like DVDs instead and make it easier for people to skip to certain parts. It seems most services though have forgotten that some of us still want to watch things complete and uninterrupted, and have made that impossible to please those who would rather skip around.

    Added- the "Auto-Play" that exists now can be turned on and off in user settings. When it was first implemented, there was no Off setting and it would display an annoying countdown covering half the screen at the end of every show, cutting off the last few seconds even when there was dialogue all the way up to the end. I did not purchase any shows on Vudu while this was happening, thankfully they actually listened to user complaints about it and added a way to turn it off. I hope they continue to respect their content and viewers even when other services do not.