Seems like Vudu never has the digital copy codes working right out of the gate these days. Is anybody else having issues with these codes and vudu?

Snitch (came out today) gives invalid code message on vudu or if you choose vudu from the lionsgate redemption site, but same code worked fine redeeming on flixster. It then transferred into vudu in proper hdx format without issue.

Ring of Fire - vudu specific code will not redeem and does not give error message or anything - just a brief flicker of the screen and then nothing. Had same issue with Space Warriors for first 2 days after issue, for Deep in the Heart for first 10 days after release and now for this one. You would think with a vudu generated exclusive code they might be able to get it right on the release day....

Absolute Deception - it's a uv movie but no uv symbol on vudu and failed to transfer into vudu after redemption on flixster.

Which brings ut to my personal favorite - 12 rounds. The new movie, "12 rounds 2: Reloaded" came with the standard uv code sheet from fox inside the case but on the OUTSIDE of the case was a sticker saying it was a vudu exclusive double feature or similiar and that the code on the back would redeem for the original "12 rounds" movie on vudu. Of course when I entered it, I discovered it was coded to redeem as the new movie again (12 rounds 2) even though sticker shows 12 rounds the original in the photo and states that is the movie I was to get. A week later, still waiting for anybody at Vudu to fix this or update me,