Disc to Digital, is there a limit as to how many movies you can have in account, and still use the Disc to Digital at home program?

I currently am at about 2400 movies in my account (including Disc to Digital, UV codes and purchased titles)

I ask because I just tried to go through my collection again hoping some of the titles had been added since my last go through. And at first I tried it on my MacBook and the program seemed to be having issues I put in Casper (1995) and it popped up as available it gave me the choice to add it in SD for $2 or HDX for $5 but when I tired clicking on either of them it did nothing also did nothing when I clicked on cancel the only way to get out of it was to click on sign out or to close the program completely. Tried with other titles and had same issues, so tried it on another computer that is used by someone else for their account, and it had been working previously for them. It was a windows 7 PC, I signed out of their account and tried it again on my account and had the same issues. Had them sign back into theirs and try it with and it was working just fine. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling it with latest version on both my Mac and the windows PC and still nothing would work.

Another oddity I noticed was it said I had 4 titles already added to order but it would not let me view the titles and the price for the order kept switching between $6 & $9 neither of which is the right amount for 4 titles as SD is $2 and HDX is $5 so with four titles it should be $8 if they are all 4 SD and anywhere between $11 to $20 if any or all are HDX. but again it would not let me view what the titles were.

Because of this I thought maybe the the issue was related to the list of titles I had on my account for the In Store Disc to Digital as I had a stack of discs that were not being read so I put them on list to take into WalMart but never have made the trip to get it done. So I deleted all of the titles from that list and still no go.

If anyone's run into this let me know, if you figured out away around it or even better how to resolve the issue.