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    Default Monthly HDX subscription

    Are there any plans to offer a monthly subscription thing like Netflix in addition to the current pay as you go model? (Please keep both models)

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    Default Re: Monthly HDX subscription

    They currently do not and Im not sure if they ever will. They have a really great rental/purchase plan going. Getting the licensing is an awfully large amount of time and money and I dont think Vudu/Walmart even cares to get into that business out right.

    The only way I see them getting into the streaming business is by buying another company and the most likely would walmart buying Hulu. When they were looking to be bought I also said that Walmart would be the best option. When they bought Vudu I really thought they would morph it into some crappy lousy interface with but they really did a great job in letting Vudu keep its identity while folding it into the walmart brand. I really think that walmart would really do a great job in bringing hulu into its brand and perhaps doing some cross branding between Hulu and Vudu.

    Either way, the discussion is moot. Although I believe any company can be bought for a price, Hulu doesnt seem to be interested right now.

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