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    I have a Visio E3D420VX. It came with the VUDU Widjet preinstalled and it worked fine. I set it up rented a movie or three watched some trailers set up a payment account and then it stopped working. I get a time out error 28 and then it lists the Harware ID, Device ID Software (3.0.0 7047) and system driver (1.6) but wont let me do anything else. I thought about deleting and reinstalling the widget, but since it came embedded it seems as though I can't do that either. What next? Anybody else have this happen?

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    Hi Jerry,

    Error 28 is typically a network related issue. If you haven't already, reboot your device by physically unplugging the power and then powering it back up. If that doesn't fix it, call our Customer Care line at 888-554-VUDU (8838) and our reps will help you get up and running.
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