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    Default Vudu To Go and Windows 8 compatibility

    I downloaded Vudu To Go to my desktop which is running Windows 8. I've tried logging into to it numerous times but it doesn't show my purchases and it won't allow me to do Disc to Digital at all. I can't find anywhere what the requirements are to run it.

    I have already removed it and re-downloaded it twice.

    Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Vudu To Go and Windows 8 compatibility

    If you don't see Disc To Digital Tab then you may not get our VUDU To Go Beta version. The one you can download from the web browser is the production one which doesn't support Disc To Digital. You must download it from our Beta landing page.

    For VUDU To Go, please be sure you use the VUDU credential to login and not the Facebook login. It's the same with web login credential (without via Facebook).

    We do test on Windows 8 and you need to have network connection when using the VUDU To Go Beta.


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    Default Re: Vudu To Go and Windows 8 compatibility

    Login on Windows 8 (Desktop mode) is supposed to work (and works for us).
    You need to login with your VUDU account email/password, not Facebook.

    You will only see the D2D if you downloaded the D2D beta version of VuduToGo.

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