Has Vudu ever offered a reason for their movies being in a different aspect ratio than what is on physical media? I have a substantial collection, and I'm just now finding out about this. I cannot express enough disappointment in Vudu, as a company, for doing this. At least, before a purchase is made, they should inform the customer when their SD aspect doesn't match the DVD, their HDX aspect doesn't match the Blu-Ray, or when their UHD aspect doesn't match the 4K Blu-Ray. But we're led to believe it is the same.

I admit, this really bothers me.

When I think about how much money I've invested into this digital collection, only to find out that most of my movies are pan-and-scan to accommodate full screen, I literally get physically sick. And when I think I had to find out through social media instead of being informed by the company itself, I feel downright cheated. I can't understand how this is not a legal issue. If Chevrolet sold a car that was listed with a V8, and the customer got it home to discover their vehicle had a V6, there would be some legal liability there. Nothing on Vudu's website or apps lists their movies as having a different aspect than the physical disks, leading their customers to believe that it matches.