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vudu android app continuously downloads hdx movies after completion

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    vudu android app continuously downloads hdx movies after completion

    as the title says... my vudu app keeps redownloading the same films over and over. how do i stop it?

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? If that didn't work for you. can you please provide me with the following information, thanks.

    - Device make and model
    - OS version installed
    - Movie titles in question
    - WiFi or Cellular Data Connection
    - Amount of storage Available


      Yep. Same issue, but with SD movies as well. I had a pretty decent library downloaded on my tablet, only to have the SD card go bad. Then, when downloading them again on the new card, massive problems. A movie I had already downloaded would then download AGAIN, hang-up, and fail. Poof! No more download! Then, it started downloading in the background and used half of my data cap for the month in two days, trying to re-download the same movies over and over again. Even after successful downloads, they would download AGAIN.
      And before you ask: Yes, I uninstalled the app, cleared the cache, restarted my device, and reloaded it from the app store. Repeatedly. I've attempted downloading to internal memory... same problem. I have 6 gigs available on internal memory, and over 80 gigs available on SD card, so that's not it either.


        Was there ever any resolution to this? I'm having the same issue multiple times a day. I'm using a:

        Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Model SM-T837V, with Android v8.1.0
        Vudu App Version
        The worst one that's doing it is Star Wars- The Empire Strikes back, but at this moment the Lord of the Rings- Return of the King Extended Edition is also doing it.
        I've tried over multiple Wifi Connections (all very strong connections on 2.4 and 5GHz signal) as well as cellular, same issue.
        I've tried internal and SD card storage. Internal free space is 30GB and SD card has 346GB free

        I'm also experiencing very slow download speeds (multiple hours) for a single movie ... IF it's a movie I had previously downloaded to this tablet (and subsequently removed). Movies I've never downloaded to this tablet download within 1-2 minutes in SD. Speedtest from the tablet shows I'm getting ~400MB/s download speed.

        I've also opened a support ticket a few days ago, but have not heard anything back as yet.


          Same here. App continually downloads movies that it has already downloaded. Makes the app pretty much worthless to me -- I can't have bandwidth constantly being sucked down for movies I have *already* downloaded. So what gives? has anyone seen an answer to this?


            Looks like our engineers are already on working on a fix for this issue. I'll report back when we are ready to release the fix. No ETA at this moment.


              Same problem here... Pixel XL (plenty of memory left in this 128GB version) using the Vudu app.

              It SEEMS to be tied to a recent set of downloads. the batch of the previous 3 SEEMS to be staying. The current set of failures are all tied around the last batch of 2. I had 5 successfully downloaded (all finished successfully), but the next time I looked, the last two (done together) were removed. One showed "failed" and the other showed the download in process (for the 3rd, 4rth or 5th time... I've lost count with all these movies downloading).

              OPTIONAL GUESSES (don't bother reading if you want solid proof): Sometimes it will interrupt a download in progress (e.g. a 93% complete will start over and I notice it at 6%). Sometimes they finish and then suddenly, the app thinks that the latest batch failed. IT COULD BE that downloading them one by one until each is finished, may be more reliable. I don't know. I ONLY say that because the latest batch seems to be where the failures are. If I let it finish, THEN start downloading a movie I don't care about, MAYBE the failure will be limited to that last movie (which I wouldn't care about). JUST GUESSES from what I've seen and my past development experiences.


                Happening constantly to me as well. Seems to be very specific movies. Some movies work, some don't. Some download and keep redownloading, many won't download at all (another issue I have been seeing happen a lot is the movie gets to 100%, then fails and starts over.)

                Why would I ever spend money buying movies through this app? It is a laughable bandwidth drain, and at the end of it I still don't get to watch half the movies I own.

                Also, when they say "our engineers are already working on a fix", take that with an entire ocean of salt. Google's been saying that to me for literally YEARS about the same issue.


                  This has been going on since a Vudu software update late last fall. I like to keep an SD card full of my downloaded movies for offline viewing (usually 150 -200), as our digital libraries are extensive, and I like to rewatch favorites on my tablet at bedtime. I used to be able to download 30 or so at a time. When I got my new Samsung STab 4 last November, I ran into the continuous redownlading issue. The only resolution was to get a higher quality SD card, then only download 2 or 3 movies at a time. I still got a lot of fails, but with patience and deleting the sd download fails and restarting, I was able to finally fill a 256 g card with movies, including about 120 from Vudu, p40 or so sideloaded movies from converted DVDs, and 50 or so from Google (where I had no trouble downloading any).

                  This April, I gave my Samsung STab 4 to my hubby and bought the STab5e for myself, as I wanted a lighter weight tablet. As you can't switch out an sd card with downloaded Vudu or Google movies to a new device, I had to redownload movies on a new card for my new device. This time around, downloading movies was even worse, with at least 2 out of 3 attempted downloads failing the first time around. It was so frustrating, I ended up downloading most of my favorites from Google play, and only downloading on Vudu those movie favorites that were not Movies Anywhere.I hated to do that because downloaded movie files on Vudu are smaller than those downloaded on Google play, so I wasn't able to download as many as previously.

                  I have never been successful in downloading an HDX movie from VUDU (not that I want to because of file size, but sometimes I forget to double check the SD tab, and you can' t stop an HD download on vudu once it starts until it fails or completes). It appears to me most of the fails were due to throttled speeds on the Vudu servers, as even an sd file takes 10 -15 minutes to download now. I get 100 mg per second download speeds on my carrier Spectrum, and they do not throttle speeds based on usage. I always know a download is going to fail if the percentage of download either does not increase by a percentage point every 5 seconds, or if it suddenly jumps backwards. I never have any issues streaming hdx movies from Vudu on either my tablets or my TV, but it's almost seems as if there are separate servers on Vudu for downloads. Of course, I am still running into issues where the movie appears to be successfully downloaded, but when I try it to double check, it won't play, and I have to delete it and redownload it. There also are a few instances still when I download a movie, it plays, then 20 minutes later, it starts downloading it again. These movies appear to be ones I have downloaded many times over the years on my changing devices.

                  On another download issue, you cannot order your downloaded Vudu movies in anyway, while Google play will allow you to order downloaded movies by latest added to your library or alphabetically. I used to be able to remedy this issue in Vudu by being consciously downloading movies alphabetically by category, but with so many failed download attempts, I can no longer even do that


                    I'm assuming there's no resolution of this yet? I'm using a Kindle Fire Generation 8, and having the same problem -- a movie downloads, is there for a very short while, and then starts downloading again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. Also, the download is excruciatingly slow regardless of whether I'm using my 2.4 or 5GHz bands at home, or the 1TB pipe here at work. A 2 hour movie typically takes 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to download -- and then starts over. I'm at the point where tonight I may have to just delete the app rather than eat up data allowance or have to turn the device off.


                      Originally posted by Tennessee Tony View Post
                      I'm assuming there's no resolution of this yet? I'm using a Kindle Fire Generation 8, and having the same problem -- a movie downloads, is there for a very short while, and then starts downloading again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. Also, the download is excruciatingly slow regardless of whether I'm using my 2.4 or 5GHz bands at home, or the 1TB pipe here at work. A 2 hour movie typically takes 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to download -- and then starts over. I'm at the point where tonight I may have to just delete the app rather than eat up data allowance or have to turn the device off.
                      Amazon Fire Devices are not supported.