I recently bought a computer for the specific purpose of downloading all my vudu movies to so I can watch them without using all my data. However, once I got Vudu to go up and running, I found that my movies won't download.
Rather, they will download, but only 0.1-0.2% at a time, and then the download fails and I have to click retry so it can download just a little bit more, and then repeat over and over.

The stats of my computer:
Windows 7 Professional (potentially an outdated software issue)
Full bars wifi connectivity - Verizon Jetpack at 3G (possibly failing due to slow connection?)
1 TB hard drive, brand-new with nothing added but Firefox, Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, and Vudu to go.

I want to know if there's anything I can do to make the download run by itself without me babysitting it - some setting to make it wait longer before declaring the download a failure, or some software patch, or maybe even just updating my Vudu to go app, despite having only JUST downloaded it.