First of all I hope this is the right place for this post.

Second - can someone please help me 😬

I?ve some how managed to break my Movies Anywhere account to the point that my Vudu movie library has stopped syncing with it. It was working just fine but over the weekend I don?t really know what I did but not all Vudu content is gone.

Here?s a rough overview:

I wanted to share my collection.
I invited the other account.
I got some message about creating a new UV library so I did.
This is when I got the bright idea to just sign both Vudu accounts into the primary UV account.
Vudu didn?t like this so I merged the UV accounts.
Stuff broke.

I was hoping I could merge the Vudu accounts and that?s would fix it but I don?t see an option for that.

I?ve tried disconnecting Vudu from Movies Anywhere but no luck.

Both my UV account and Vudu account so my Amazon / Google / iTunes / Vudu Movies but Movies Anywhere / Google / Amazon / iTunes only show there respective content.

Can anyone help with how to fix this? I just want to get my content syncing again.