Ive had my BX100's for awhile, and used them off and on. I'm pretty fed up with the mailer services, because of waits mainly. Granted, I do not get HD audio, but my system sounds quit good with 5.1 only.

I've rented Legend, Kick-***, and Nightmare on Elm St in the last week, and been very happy with the PQ. I'm most likely gonna stick with Vudu for all my rentals, but I'll keep the BD85 around for my collection, Concert BR's I buy, and other discs I buy.

For a while now, a movie like Robin Hood The Directors Cut woulda been just bought first, but Hollywood is really been putting out some crap movies. I'm gonna go back to my old process where I used to watch everything at the theater, then buy what we liked. Well, my home setup is plenty nice, so we do not go to the theater anymore. I'll rent everything I can in HDX (Redbox the rest), then buy if I decide it's worthy.

Long story short, keep up the great work on the HDX offerings and PQ, it's well worth the $6 as a rental, and I love the convenience. I keep two movies on the HDD at all times.