I called about Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight's aspect ratio being messed up, because they never responded to my email 5 days ago. Basically it's playing in fullscreen, and the image is smushed, the Universal logo resembles a football. So I tell this guy that, and he tells me to hang on for a few while he checks the issue. He comes back on the line, and tells me the SD is widescreen, but the HDX version is fullscreen... and then I say "so it's a mistake", then he says "no it's meant to be fullscreen". At this point a lot of what i said was stammered out because I was having trouble holding onto conciousness. I told him that HDX is high definition, which BY definition is widescreen, several times in as many and more words. Also that they can't charge $4.99 for a screwed up fullscreen HDX rental, or $5 to upgrade the DVD, as I just did.

I don't think any of it got through. In the end he said he would pass the issue to a higher up in tech support and they would get back to me. I still can't believe I just had that conversion, so I had to spell it out somewhere.