(bump) I own the Batman The Motion Picture Anthology, and Disc 2 (Batman Returns) produces this error - There was a problem while verifying this disc. Please try again later or contact Customer Care. The disc plays just fine on the PC using Windows Media Player and a DVD player. It is clean and unscratched. I tried scanning the Batman Returns DVD BONUS DISC just for grins and it recognized it as the movie (not the bonus material), BUT - It converted it to Dolby Digital STEREO instead of Dolby Digital 5.1. Also, It will only let me download an SD Version, while other discs I have converted let me download an HDX version. Here is what CS told me:

1) Batman Returns is only available in DOLBY STEREO for all three versions (SD, HD, HDX). That is the version supplied to them by the studio.
2) Batman is available in DOLBY STEREO for SD and HDX, but is DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 for the HD version (Huh??)
3) Batman Forever is available in DOLBY STEREO for SD and DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 for HD and HDX (This is what I expected for all three of these, and most other movies!)

Q - Has anyone else had problems verifying Batman Returns form this boxed set? If you have successfully done D2D on this disc, is your HDX version DOLBY STEREO or DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1?

Thanks so much!