Is there anyone who can shed some light on an issue with the film Payback? When I search in vudu the title comes up as the theatrical version with a runtime of 101 minutes. I did a disc to digital and it came up as the theatrical version and I purchased it. When I went to watch the movie what played was the director's cut with a run time of 90 minutes. In my library it said that I owned the theatrical version with the longer run time. I put a request in to convert the title and received a reply at first that the theatrical was an ineligible title (even though when you search on titles on the disc to digital eligible titles page both titles were listed). I next was told: "We are sorry to hear you are having difficulties with our service.
We are unable to change this title "Payback (Theatrical) [hdx]" since we only have the licence for this film.
However due to the inconvenience I would like to offer you a credit of $5 towards your account, but this will cause the deletion of this title.

Please let us know if you want us to proceed with the deletion of this title and I will apply the $5 credit towards your account."

I took the credit and deleted the title. Is this just a listing error on vudu that needs to be fixed? Is there any way to get the theatrical version?

thanks for any help or info