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    Figured it might be a good ideas to have a centralized thread where we could report our problems/issues with the new Beta rollout.

    First, the good news. I tried a bunch of titles and had great results for HDX conversion, including:

    PRIVATE PARTS (1972)
    POINT BLANK (1969)
    VIRUS (Universal)
    VAMPIRES (John Carpenter)

    Now the bad (sort of, for Vudu anyway): I put in my DVD of John Carpenter's 4-Movie Master of Fear Collection (Universal), hoping to convert VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED in the set. The disc read as THE THING (BLU-RAY) and offered to convert it for me for $2.00. Since I have THE THING on BLU anyway, I went ahead and did it, but the recognition was incorrect.

    I tried (three times each) to do HDX conversions on the following titles, all of which are listed on Vudu's D2D program for eligibility:


    All three of these discs came back multiple times with an errors that said something like "Error recognizing conversion format", and would not let me do them.

    I put in the Warner disc of SINGLES (DVD), and I got a message that it could not be recognized. It asked me to manually input the title (which is also on the HDX list), and then said that they would "manually" research my title and, until I get an answer, I'm more than welcome to take it in to a Wal-Mart for conversion.

    Just my .02 cents as a beta tester. Figured this thread could be a nice place to post any issues beta testers find. Maybe even make this a sticky thread?


    Another issue. I bought a brand-new Blu of EYES WIDE SHUT and had never opened it. I tore the shrinkwrap off it (UPC: 883929012053) and put it in to add to my Vudu account and it told me that I already owned 2001-A SPACE ODYSSEY!!! So, that's a problem to report.

    Here's a couple more:

    All the single disc Blus of the first three MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movies only ID themselves as the first film.

    The GODFATHER COLLECTION BLU set also reads all three discs as only the first GODFATHER film, no matter which disc you put in.

    Also, the DVD of BAD NEWS BEARS GO TO JAPAN reads as the first film (the original BAD NEWS BEARS).



      A master compilation of errors is a great idea.

      As I mentioned in the other thread, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 are not being recognized. I have the 3D versions, which were not recognized. Then, I tried the 2D versions, also without success. Part 2 is not eligible for D2D currently so it's an inconsequential issue at the moment.



        More bugs:

        Both UNDERWORLD EVOLUTION BLU-RAY (UPC: 043396153813) and UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS BLU (UPC: 043396292109) read only as the first film UNDERWORLD.

        The original BLU release of SHERLOCK HOLMES reads as a DVD and wants you to pay $5.00 (instead of $2.00) to upgrade to HDX.



          Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix both come up as The Chamber of Secrets and since I have already D2D Chamber of Secrets it gives me a warning that I already have it.


            Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

            CRANK (DVD) unrecognized
            HIGH ANXIETY (BD)

            High Anxiety is from Mel Brooks Collection and recognized as Blazing Sadles and unavailable, did not try Robin Hood: Men in Tights from same collection, as I have to take one disc to do in-store anyway.


              Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

              LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD - from 4 disc blu-ray Die Hard Collection - every disc in the collection comes up as the original Die Hard, which is already in my collection. No option is given to indicate this is wrong.

              LOTR: FELLOWSHIP - Special Extended DVD Edition - Is not read. When you type in the title, it is not clear from the options which of the 3 DVDs of Fellowship is the extended edition.

              SUPERMAN THE MOVIE - Blu-ray read as Blazing Saddles. Awaiting manual confirmation.
              PUSS IN BOOTS - Blu-ray not detected. Awaiting manual confirmation.


                Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

                2001: A Space Odyssey (Blu)
                28 Weeks Later (Blu)
                Becoming Jane (Blu)
                Ben Hur (Blu)
                Clear And Present Danger (Blu)
                Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Blu)
                The Fifth Element (Blu)
                Gattaca (Blu)
                John Q (Blu)
                Just Go With It (Blu)
                Me Myself And Irene (Blu)
                The Mummy (Blu)
                Once Upon A Time In Mexico (Blu)
                Out Of Sight (Blu)
                Planes Trains And Automobiles (Blu)
                The Shining (Blu)
                Shallow Hal (Blu)
                Star Trek: Nemesis (DVD)
                Superman Returns (Blu)
                They Live (DVD)
                Top Secret (DVD)
                Transporter 2 (DVD)
                Water For Elephants (DVD)
                We Were Soldiers (DVD)
                Winter's Bone (Blu)


                Dodgeball (Blu) - This only came up a the unrated cut, which is non-UV
                Gettysburg (Blu) - This only came up as the director's cut, which is non-UV
                Superman II - Donner Cut (Blu) - This came up as HDX, but had the regular Superman II poster instead of the Donner Cut poster. Not sure what version it will give so I declined to add it.
                Taken (Blu) - Only wanted to give me unrated cut, which is non-UV, so I declined to add it.


                Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Blu) - It incorrectly says this is Beetlejuice, which came in the same 3-pack
                Corpse Bride - It incorrectly says this is Beetlejuice, which came in the same 3-pack
                Night Watch (Blu) - It asked for the disc name and says it is manually verifying the title
                Live Free Or Die Hard (Blu) - It came up as Die Hard (Blu), which I already have)


                  Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

                  Across the Universe (2 Disc Version): disc 1 fails to read at all. The special features disc worked though. Weird.

                  The Fog (remake): Fails to read disc. I get a weird message about how I am not connected to the internet.

                  Resident Evil: Degeneration- Same problem as the Fog.

                  The Cider House Rules (Blu ray): Says blu ray is not eligible, when it is.

                  All were DVDs except Cider House Rules.


                    Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

                    I was able to do 1 movie Spiderman. Now I keep getting this error.
                    "There was a communication error while verifying this disc. Please make sure you are connected to the internet and try again."

                    I am connected to the internet, but I know when I click add disc my disc drive light does not light up, the screen says reading the drive but I still get that message. I am sure this will get fixed or I might just uninstall and reinstall the software. I did update the adobe air that popped up when I reopened the app.
                    Still this will be better than wal mart, I had to wait like 15 minutes to day for someone just to come to the photo center.


                      Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

                      Just did 134 blu-ray conversions and 7 DVD conversions

                      Worked well except the following issues: (UPC is parentheses)

                      All are Blu-Ray

                      Austin Powers 2 (794043124648) - Came us Austin Powers 1
                      Austin Powers 3 (794043124631) - Came us Austin Powers 1
                      Blade Trinity (794043157211) - Came us Blade 1
                      Die Hard 3 (024543482451) - Came up as Die Hard 1
                      Live Free or Die Hard (024543476368) - Came up as Die Hard 1
                      Matrix Reloaded (085391115281) - Came up as Matrix
                      Matrix Revolutions (085391115298) Came up as Matrix
                      Scarface (025192103179) - Came up as DVD
                      Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Came up a Planet of the Apes (Mark Wahlberg)
                      Rambo 4 (031398232995) - Came up as Rambo: First Blood
                      Mission Impossible 2 (097361199245) - Came up as Mission Impossible
                      Mission Impossible 3 (097360829440) - Came up as Mission Impossible
                      Step Brothers (043396261129) - Came up with Unrated Version only available in SD
                      Stand by Me (043396263789) - Could not identify disk (typed name in box said they will get back to me)
                      Spiderman 2 - Came up as Spiderman 1
                      Uncle Buck (025192094095) - Could not identify disk (typed name in box said they will get back to me
                      Under Seige (012569828520) - Came up as Above the Law
                      Under Seige 2 (083929033546) - Came up as Above the Law
                      White Men Can't Jump (024543833253) - Came up as DVD
                      Wizard of Oz (883929087853) - Could not read disc
                      The X Files: Fight the Future - Came up as The X-Files: I Want to Believe
                      The Cable Guy (043396341913) - Could not identify disk (typed name in box said they will get back to me)
                      The Departed (085391117292) - Could not identify disk (typed name in box said they will get back to me)
                      Shrek 3 - Came up Shrek 1
                      Shrek 4 - Came up Shrek 1
                      Superman Anthology - Every disc comes up Superman Returns



                        Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

                        Same problem with Superman Anthology. Everything comes up as Superman Returns, which I already have so I can't correct it. Also Live Free or Die Hard recognized as Die Hard 1. The Devil Wears Prada Blu-ray isn't recognized by the software at all. Cowboys & Aliens Blu-ray and the Wonderful Wizard of Ha's Veggie Tales DVD weren't matched correctly.


                          Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

                          Here's a list of Blu-ray titles that don't appear as they should:

                          Star Treks 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and Insurrection all come up as Star Trek 2 (Theatrical)

                          Spiderman 2 comes up as Spiderman 3

                          All of the Lethal Weapons come up as Lethal Weapon 1 - Plus, selecting HDX from the Blu-ray for LW1, it comes up SD in the order summary, although it checks out as HDX

                          Hook (91) from BD to HDX comes up as SD in checkout

                          Batman (89) and Batman Returns both come up as Beetlejuice

                          Pee Wee's Big Adventure comes up as BeetleJuice

                          Also, when you have a title already in your locker in SD (in this case Scarface) and you put the blu-ray in to upgrade, it basically treats it like a DVD instead of a BD ($5 to buy instead of $2 to upgrade). It even says "Scarface - DVD" in the order summary

                          Catch Me if You Can comes up as Forrest Gump DVD

                          War of the Roses Blu-ray comes up as War of the Roses DVD

                          The Departed comes up as Blazing Saddles and says its not eligible

                          Hitchcock's Rear Window comes up as Frenzy DVD

                          Frenzy Blu-ray comes up as Frenzy DVD


                            Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

                            My first issue so far has been Dr. Strangelove DVD, it recognizes it as 2001: A space Odyssey SD for some reason


                              Re: VUDU AT HOME: DISC-TO-DIGITAL Bugs?

                              I have the original "trunk" Blu set for the Harry Potter films and when trying to convert them to HDX, AZKABAN (#3) and GOBLET (#5) all recognized as only the first film in the series.

                              I pulled out the "Ultimate" big-box editions on BLU and AZKABAN worked there, but GOBLET still recognized as the first film.