I am completely frustrated with this. I've made it a rule that I wouldn't visit a Wal-Mart in our around Chicagoland because for the most part, their customer service stinks. I succeeded for a few years without stepping into one but recently started to because my use of VUDU. I like their $7 bins with older movies and VUDU codes.

Anyway, I took a 10 blu-rays to the closest, biggest store, which is about 20 mins. away, pre-printed list in-hand, thinking I'd be in and out. I go to the Photo Center and they send me to Entertainment. Entertainment sends me back to Photo Center and no one knows what's going on. I drive further for about another 20 mins. to the next Walmart and they said they don't do it at all. Frustrated, I just drove home. When I got home, I called 3 other Walmart's and waiting for about 5-10 mins each store, and ringbacks, no one knows what it is.

I finally cast my net a little wider and call the next closest store in Hammond, IN. Again, takes way too long for anyone to answer. I clearly asked if they do VUDU D2D. The lady who answered said yes. I drive almost an hour out in a ton of weekend traffic and to get there and there is no associate scheduled in the Photo Center that day and that she thought I was talking about burning photos to a disc. The person radios a manager and asks if they've heard of VUDU D2D and I could hear the person talking back and said that it sounded familiar but that they don't have the equipment anymore.

So with a lot of time and gas/money spent, I am left back at square one.

I would love to use the In-Home app but my computer doesn't have a blu-ray drive. It'd be redundant for me to go buy an external drive just to use an app and add my movies to my list.

Anyone know of or had successful visits in any store in/around Chicago? Any help would be gladly appreciated.